"Monsters In Therapy" Series by Iain Burke

Here's a cool little retro-inspired screenprint series that I found while perusing Etsy. Monsters In Therapy by Iain Burke of Mummy's Hand perfectly encapsulates that tiny dark corner of self doubt that sometimes boils up in each of us.

And yes, even spooky monsters aren't immune to it, as each character questions themselves in a unique and truly humorous way.

I really love the 60's old-school monster illustration style of the entire series, paired with bold blocks of color and cool typography. Simple, spooky fun! Enjoy!

Check out the full 13-print series over at the Mummy's Hand Etsy shop!



Lady M said...

Ha ha - I guess everyone is having an existential crisis these days.

highbury said...

Lady M: Any more, yes... :)

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