Dia de los Muertos

Feliz Dia de los Muertos, group! November 2 celebrates the Day of the Dead in Mexican heritage, a day to honor friends and family members who have died. Altars are created to honor loved ones with sugar skulls, marigolds, food and beverages. 

Image courtesy of Palomar College Library

Perhaps the most famous artist who has come to be associated with this festival is Mexican illustrator, Jose Guadalupe Posada. Engravings of his calaveras are have become iconic symbols representing the Day of the Dead festival:

Images courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Be sure to light a candle today to honor friends and loved ones who have passed on. And if by any chance you live in the Cleveland area, the Dia De Los Muertos Ohio event is going on this weekend. I hope to get up there on Saturday to watch the parade, eat delicious food and honor my loved ones.

On another note, Halloween went off perfectly at Highbury Cemetery. Although a bit cold, the children and their parents came in droves to check out our haunt. We had close to 150 people come through. At one point, a Cleveland Browns RV pulled up to the curb and let 10 adults out to check things out. It was incredible! We're slowly carving a name for ourselves in the area.

Also, I got a chance to meet Erick from Wonderful Wonderblog. It's great to meet fellow bloggers from the same town! He's already posted his photos of our haunt when he stopped by, so if you can't wait for me to upload mine, you can get a small taste here. It was great to meet you, Erick. Keep up the great work!

I'll have my photos posted by tomorrow (I hope), so check back to see this year's haunt!


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