To The Victor Goes The Spoils!

So you may remember from an earlier post (although for some reason I can't seem to find it, so maybe I didn't?) that I had won the Monster Head Races contest over at Weird Hollow (never bet against the Abominable Dr. Phibes, fools!). And as they say, to the victor goes the spoils and my spoils just showed up in the mail.

Mayor Todd sent me an envelope full of cool stuff! First, for winning the contest, I received the Universal Monsters Illustrated "The Mummy" trading card, signed by the artist, Basil Gogos. Awesome!

And as an extra bonus, I got a signed photo from none other than Vlad, my new undead pal!! Thanks, Vlad!!

A big thanks to Mayor Todd over at Neato Coolville. Be sure to check out Neato Coolville, Weird Hollow and Vlad and Scary Larry at KRYP-TV!!


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