Highbury Cemetery Contest!

Okay group, Halloween is officially over for another year. I'm just finishing off my last pumpkin ale of the year, the props are all put away, the jack-o-lanterns have all rotted and the leaves have all been raked. The only good thing about this late stage is that I have some surplus to get rid of.

So that means it's contest time! Welcome to Highbury Cemetery's First Official Post-Halloween Giveaway Contest! I know everyone is coming to grips with the season being over, so I'm going to keep it really simple. All you have to do to win is be the first to tell me what Grade-A horror movie these photos are from (just drop your answer in the comments below):

And what do you win for being the true terrible horror movie aficionado? Well it appears as though I have one extra Highbury Cemetery 2010 T-Shirt, featuring the artwork from the 2010 poster. These are the shirts that I print up in the basement and give out to everyone who helps out with the haunt each year. This year's shirt is a two-sided, one-color print on a relatively nice maroon Hanes shirt. The size is large.

I only have one shirt, so there can only be one winner! Will it be you? The contest ends Monday, November 15 at 11:59 pm EST. Good luck!


cynniegurl said...

horror house on highway five?

highbury said...

Well, that was quick. Too easy, I guess.

Scrapes said...

Congrats, cynniegurl!

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