Highbury Cemetery, 2010

Well group, another Halloween is in the books and it was our best yet. We ended up with about 150 trick-or-treaters and their parents by the end of the night. We even had an RV park in front of the house and ten people from up the neighborhood all jumped out to check things out. It was great.

This year we added our first animated prop, a shihatsu massager turned grave popper, but made many detail improvements in tombstones, lighting and fog. Plus, with a new camera, I went crazy with the pictures. (We also shot some video, so I hope to have a quick promo completed by the end of the week).

So without further ado, I present the 2010 edition of Highbury Cemetery:




A big, big, big thank you must go out to Jeff, Sharon, Karen, Neighbor Joe and Andrew for helping to make this year's haunt come together and run flawlessly. I couldn't have done it without you. A big thanks also go out to Neil and Margaret for coming over and then foolishly staying to help clean up afterward. But an extra-specially big, sloppy wet kiss goes out to my wife, Jenn. She single-handedly resurrected the animated grave popper when I started dropping the F-bombs and walked away and took control of the front porch redesign. You undoubtedly win this year's gold star award.

Thanks to Erick at Wonderful Wonderblog for stopping by and posting your work-in-progress photos here. You're more than welcome to come back next year and spread the fear!

I'm working on the video, so stop back to check that out when I get it finished. Also, be sure to keep checking back, as I'm officially announcing our first contest in the very near future. It seems as though I have an extra 2010 Highbury Cemetery shirt, so what better way to get rid of it than to give it to one of our readers! I won't give away any more right now, but make sure you brush up on your obscure horror movie knowledge.

Thanks again to everyone that helped out or stopped by with complements. You have made Halloween 2010 the best one yet.

Now it's time to pack everything way and get back to planning. We only have 363 more days until Halloween, 2011!


Erick said...

Wow! I thought it looked good in the daylight. It looks even better at night. Great job.

John Rozum said...

That looks great. I love how you repurposed that severed head candy dish. He looks even better now. Thanks for the great Countdown posts all month long.

Rot said...

Looks really terrific.
Wonderful detail.

Gina said...

WOW and WOW! It looks like a movie set!! Hope we can make it up to join you one of these years!

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