Organ Trail

So Halloween is now well over and you're sitting around wondering what you can do to combat the boredom. Well, I stumbled upon this little nugget, sure to consume hours of your time.

For those of you old enough remember the original 1974 computer game, Oregon Trail, comes this twisted little remake:

Organ Trail, created by The Men Who Wear Many Hats, updates the original choose-your-own-adventure gameplay by letting the player navigate not through the hardships of the pioneer-era Oregon Trail, but through a zombie-strewn highway out of modern-day Washington, D.C. The graphics even replicate the original 8-bit look. It's old school fun all the way!

And while it is still in a beta version, Organ Trail kept me giggling through each screen. I can't wait for this to come out in a full version so that I can waste many a cold, winter hour escaping the zombie-infested wasteland of our nation's capital.


Anonymous said...

I loved that game so much. I always reflect on how cool games were before.

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