Candlelight Halloween: A Haunted Evening of Classical Compositions

Tomorrow night, Mrs. Highbury and I will be doing something a little bit different than our usual run up to Halloween.

Purely on dumb luck, I stumbled upon an event that was being advertised in a Facebook ad...

Candlelight Halloween: A Haunted Evening of Classical Compositions. The title and image immediately caught my eye, so I clicked to see what it was about.

From the Fever Event Facebook page:

A performance of some haunted classical music like you’ve never seen before. Fever's Candlelight is an intimate performance set in a historical building that is almost as stunning as the pieces you’ll hear. Savor the music in a uniquely romantic atmosphere created by flickering candlelight and the other classical music lovers. You'll be hearing some selections from the best known composers in history - discover new music and classics that everyone loves in the most magical setting!

• An intimate ambience in a beautiful venue bathed in candlelight
• A talented string quartet performing a mix of classical and modern spooky pieces
• The unique setting of The Cleveland History Center
• A safe, comfortable and socially-distanced event

My wife and I agreed that this would be an amazing experience, so we grabbed tickets to the Cleveland event not long before it sold out (similar events are hosted in cities across the country). We really lucked out! I can't wait to take a day off of the usual and immerse myself into some classics for a night.



Lady M said...

Lucky you - that looks like a great event and something I would enjoy. I will have to keep an eye out next year.

Haunted Eve said...

That looks like a visually stunning concert event. Doing something special along those lines for Halloween gives one special memories. Back in 2018, we went to a local theater production of The Addams Family musical the day after Halloween which really capped off our Halloween season that year. Also, we often go to a jack-o-lantern event called The Great Pumpkin Walk that takes place on a half mile long stretch of wooded trail at night with the path being lined on both sides by hundreds of jack-o-lanterns. Unfortunately it was cancelled last year due to the pandemic, and this year they are instead having a drive-thru jack-o-lantern event which to us doesn't quite imbue the same Halloween mood as a nighttime walk in the woods.

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