Halloween 1983

Today we show off our costumes from 1983. Another year older and another year bolder. This is my "Patches the Train Riding Hobo" costume. The beard was applied by my parents using actual burnt cork. I also used a ratty, old wig and a great looking hat. I believe my mom sewed the patches on an old pair of my jeans...

Poor Scrapes must have been an afterthought, because for the third year in a row, my parents brought out the old standby. That crazy clown costume...

Scrapes was in kindergarten in 1983, so he wore this to school on Halloween for their costume party. He also got to parade through the retirement home next to the school. In the same clown outfit that I did, five years earlier. 

Somewhere in a closet in my mom's basement, sits a slightly worn, slightly overused clown outfit. I wonder if it will be dragged out when it comes time for my son to go trick-or-treating??



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