Highbury Cemetery 2012 Shirt

We were finally able to bring 100% of the screenprinting production in-house this year, as we built a new exposure unit and bought some new screens and inks. The first screen exposure was a success and the first batch of Highbury Cemetery 2012 shirts have been printed.

The shirts were all hung from the piping with care,
so the very special ink color could dry with the air...

As it stands now, there will only be one small run with enough shirts to be given away as a thank you to those who come over and help set up on Halloween night. We've had a few requests, so we'll consider printing a larger run and making them available to the public next year, when time allows.

So for now, you'll just have to wait. 

Unless you want to come back tomorrow. Because tomorrow (Friday) night we will be having our annual one-question trivia contest where we give one shirt away to a savvy reader. Be sure to brush up on your obscure classic horror movie trivia, because like last year, I'll see some random image or name in a horror movie and I'll end up using it as a trivia question...


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