Halloween Go Boom

With Halloween fast approaching, an expecting Mrs. Scrapes and I took a needed week-long trip down to South Carolina to recharge our batteries. The 12-hour drive from northeast Ohio means lots of bad coffee, and consequently, lots of bathroom stops. I-77 has plenty of rest areas- the quick on, quick off quonset huts with two bathrooms and four snack machines- but I drive on by. In order to take in some of the local culture, I much prefer a roadside gas 'n sip. One in particular, in North Carolina, took pride in its gas, lotto and fireworks, with the latter being quite the understatement.  Gotta-pee patrons were forced to walk clear to the far side of the building, through numerous rows of mortar shells, roman candles and novelty items. On my way there, I was met by the following display:

Once upon a time, Highbury and I would drop a few bills at a fireworks store, but I don't remember seeing any cakes or shells with such a theme. At $33.44 per cake, Wake the Dead would no doubt add quite a bang to your home haunt*, so check your local, um, retailer.

(*Highbury Cemetery does not promote the use fireworks in the state of Ohio, or in the presence of children.) 


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