West Lawn Cemetery - Canton, Ohio (Part 1)

Welcome to the next installment of Cemetery Sundays. This week we travel to Canton, Ohio to visit West Lawn Cemetery, a cemetery I had seen many times from the highway as I passed through town.

And had I known how beautiful this cemetery was, I would have stopped by long ago. A large portion of tombstones dating back to the 1800s, a fair amount of broken, shifted stones and wonderful trees and sculptures make this one of my favorite new cemeteries in the area.

I canvased the grounds, snapping away wildly with my camera. So much so, that I have decided to split this post into 2 sections. Let's start with the first half of photos...

The entire top portion of the Goodspeed sculpture has been snapped off, creating a wonderful photo op! 

The cemetery's receiving vault was the temporary resting place for President William McKinley (one of eight Presidents from Ohio) upon his assassination in 1901. His permanent Monument is located next to the grounds.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow to see the rest of this amazing cemetery. I have got some incredible tombstone images left to share!!


Lisa said...

Very cool! It's amazing what they can carve out of a chunk of rock, isn't it? The mausoleums are beautiful.

artemis1899 said...

This cemetery has been severely vandalized, which now will get you in trouble with the Fed's; not just local law enforcement. Here in my town of Whittier, just outside of Los Angeles, is the countries largest cemetery, Rose Hills, which has only utilized one third of it's land since it opened in 1923. I was in Canton once, for the Football Hall of Fame; it was much better than I expected and I plan to go back.

Patti said...

In Part 2 of your West Lawn Cemetery you mention it was adjacent to Aultman Hospital. I believe it is adjacent to the Mercy Medical Center. My son was born in Aultman Hospital in southwest Canton.

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