Charnel House - "As Above, So Below"

The season of light and warmth begins its slow transformation, and the cold creep
of darkness and decay takes hold. The balance of all things continues cyclically.
The blaze of Autumn’s ashen tones envelops the land as withered remains
become one within the burial chamber…


It's time to introduce the latest track from Charnel House, my new "haunt ambient" audio project!

Earlier this year, I finally decided to jump into creating audio. I was really interested in dark ambient, and more specifically how to compose it. I had been using tracks from this genre in my yard haunt for years, and I decided to create something similar that could be used in home or pro haunt display settings. I began working with a variety of different sounds and slowly created my first tracks.

By the time the Midwest Haunters Convention had rolled around in May of 2018, I had three tracks composed. I was able to create my first official release, L'Appel Du Vide, as a super-limited, hand-numbered CD. I created everything by hand and then gave them away free to friends at the convention. I quickly passed all copies out on the trade show floor, and when I got back home, I made the release a free download to anyone who wanted it to use in their haunts. 

I received a lot of positive feedback, and it really motivated me to continue to create. I quickly decided that I would create another release in time for our high holiday of All Hallows Eve. I'm still trying to finish two other tracks, but wanted to kick off the October Countdown to Halloween with the grand unveiling of my newest track.

Ladies and gentlemonsters, boils and ghouls, sit back and enjoy the newest haunt ambient track from Charnel House: As Above, So Below:

And don't forget to visit the Charnel House page, where you can still check out my first release, L'Appel Du Vide, and grab a free download! All tracks are completely free for use in your home or pro haunt. All that I ask is you let me know how and where you're using them. I'd really love to see the different settings that everyone uses them in. Have fun and happy haunting!!



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