Throwback Thursday: Halloween 1974-1975

I've always enjoyed seeing "Throwback Thursday" photos, as I'm a huge sucker for nostalgia. Especially when the throwbacks involve Halloweens past. It always evokes the wonderful memories from my own childhood, tearing through the porch-lit neighborhood with my fellow Ben Cooper-clad candy gang.

Many years ago, my mom showed up with a collection of Halloween photos from my past and as I went through the wonderful old stack, I immediately knew that they had to be shared.

It's been a long time since I originally posted them, so I wanted to revisit them again because they really are too heartwarming and hilarious not to share. Come back every Thursday in October for the continuing journey of Highbury's Halloweens Past.

Halloween, 1974
Yes, I really am that old. 1974 was the first year I celebrated Halloween. I was 16 months old at the time, and apparently ready to go out and cast evil spells across the neighborhood...

My cute blue bunny pajamas menacingly covered with a strange black-and-orange hooded druid witch cloak. Where did my parents find such a thing!? And yes, I think those are bunnies (or are they horned demons of some sort?) on broomsticks in the cloak's pattern. The only thing groovier than that cloak was our brown shag carpet. 

Halloween, 1975
So for my second year of trick-or-treating, my parents didn't go far for my costume. They simply conjured up the previous year's druid witch cloak. Only this time they added a complimentary dress, also complete with a pattern of witches, black cats and bats. What on earth!? It must have been cold this year, as a winter jacket and knit hat were added to complete the ensemble. And check out those vintage Buster Browns!!

Regardless, the cold obviously didn't deter the newly-discovered candy fiend in me, as I proudly posed with my post-trick-or-treat booty haul. That smile says it all. And even though some neighborhood miser gave out an apple, I was hooked!

Stop back next Thursday to see what insane costumes I was forced to wear for the 1976 and 1977 Halloween seasons. Another couple of photos you WON'T want to miss!!



Caffeinated Joe said...

Great memories and photos! That little cloak is amazing!!!

highbury said...

Right, Joe!? I would be willing to bet that my mom still has that cloak tucked away somewhere in her attic!!

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