"Famous Ghost Stories With Scary Sounds" Soundtrack

It's hard to believe that we have already reached the third week of October, but the Freebie Friday segments just keep chugging along!

Up next is a classic from Pickwick Records, released in 1975.

Famous Ghost Stories With Scary Sounds features the incredible narration talents of Wade Denning. 

Denning, who was famous for composing radio and tv advertising jingles, also had a wonderful career in children's novelty holiday soundtracks. His infamous Halloween offerings, Sounds To Make You Shiver! and Monster Mash Sounds of Terror! have both been featured in previous Freebie Friday segments.

Though this one is a bit different than the other two. Instead of straightforward scary sound effects or songs, Famous Ghost Stories... features 10 solid spoken stories with accompanying sound effects, including retellings of classics by Washington Irving (The Headless Horseman), Edgar Allan Poe (The Tell-Tale Heart), and Charles Dickens (The Railroad Signal-Man).

Each story captivates and highlights Denning's incredible range of vocal talent, and most of the stories are really fun and entertaining. The entire record is really well produced and makes this a very solid release that everyone should have in their collection!




Caffeinated Joe said...

Fun, creepy, short and sweet! Good to have playing at a party, maybe?

highbury said...

Joe, this one is more story than spooky sound effects. For a party, I'd recommend the "Halloween Howls" cassette from last Friday! Enjoy!!

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