Heilung - "Hamrer Hippyer"

A few months back, good friend of the Cemetery, Brent Wilson from Planet Doom Haunted House, sent me a link to a new band I hadn't heard before. He figured that I'd be into it and man, was he right!

Heilung, which translates to "healing" in German, is a "neofolk" band from Northern Europe. Medieval, tribal Viking instruments, language and dress is all offset by singer Maria Franz's striking white dress, makeup and antler headdress. An incredible meshing of sight and sound.

Photo by Søren Bech

After listening to their track, "Hamrer Hippyer," I was completely hooked. Rhythmic, pounding tribal beats, guttural throat singing complimented by more melodic rises, and a stage presence more akin to an early barbaric Viking army, Heilung presented something completely different. I was so fascinated by the entire performance that I just had to see more.

Unfortunately, Heilung has only played live shows in Europe up to this point. But I guarantee that if they ever bring their unique show to the U.S. (and I really, really hope they do!), I will be sure to be in the front row to experience it!


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