Songs For Séance Vol. 8

A creepy collection of 31 spooky audio tracks, perfect for Halloween... or ANY TIME!

Victor Ives over at Halloween Hot Sauce is at it again with another volume in his "Songs For Séance" series! Volume 8 is ready for download, chock full of wonderfully creepy old tunes with jangly 60s surf guitar riffs to make you shimmy shimmy shake the night away (and dig that track by Morgus & The Daringers!). And as always, it's FREE for the taking! So don't be a square. Get on it, Daddy-O!

While you're there, why not pick up some of those killer hot sauces

And if you're REALLY feeling spicy, go throw down a bid on one of the first 13 hand signed and numbered bottles of Smoky Ghost, his newest hot sauce creation (complete with hand-made coffin case!), over on eBay?? Not for the faint of heart, or stomach, to be sure...

By my calculations, we're down to 2 weeks until the big night. So much left to do in the old Cemetery, so it's back to the garage with these hip new tunes to help get it all done. Are you ready??



Lady M said...

Thanks for the playlist - I have been looking for more music for the party on Sat.

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