"Halloween Sound Effects" Soundtrack

This is an absolutely horrible record album that no collection should be without!

This collage of gruesome sounds is perfect for Trick or Treaters who need (or deserve?) a little terror in their lives, and can set the mood or be the life of your Hallowe'en party. Many of you have bought this ghoulish collection for the sheer pleasure of it all, however, a word of caution: Use headphones to avoid disturbing the squeamish!

Wait, what!?

Welcome to the first Freebie Friday of 2018! Every Friday during the month of October, I share another gem from my ever-growing collection of old novelty Halloween records and cassettes. And today, I'm kicking it off with an infamous classic!

Halloween Sound Effects Vol. 1: Music and Effects of a Terrifying Nature is a well-known entry in the novelty Halloween sounds market. And that first sentence from the record sleeve pretty much tells it all...

Released in 1982 on Canadian label, Total Records, this novelty soundtrack must have taken all of one afternoon to record and produce. Side one, simply entitled "Hallowe'en," is your run-of-the-mill spooky sound effects collection that sounds like it was recorded in someone's basement with a cassette deck. 17 bizarre and goofy tracks that clock in at under 11 minutes. 

The standout track on this side is definitely "Gluttony and Belching From Satisfied Monsters." And yes, there are actual, somewhat-awesome belching sounds and laughter included. There is no way that the artists who recorded this were taking it seriously.

And while side one is pretty much a throw away, the saving grace for this record is side two.

I'm not sure how the audio on side two can be considered "Hallowe'en In Space," but there are actually some cool ambient sound effects here. And with incredible track names like, "Cosmic Lunacy," "Plutonian Ice Caves," and "Honing The Light Sabre" (no copyright laws in Canada??), it makes the release all worth it.

Yes, it's another goofy novelty release overall, but the oddness of side two makes it a keeper in the collection. It's just too bad that the artists never created a Volume 2!




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