Turner Classic Movies Halloween Schedule 2018

Turn the lights down low. Pop up the popcorn. Light a few candles. And get cozy in front of that TV. Because tonight starts the annual Turner Classic Movies Halloween horror marathon! 

No "Hocus Pocus" here, just 28 straight days of some of the best in classic horror, leading up to an incredible, all-day Halloween horror celebration.

I'm clearing out my DVR now to make room for all the savory titles on this year's list! Check out the full programming schedule over at Turner Classic Movies, or check out a great, condensed horror-only schedule at Bloody-Disgusting.

Get to your couches early, because the classics start tonight at 8!!




Caffeinated Joe said...

So great! Might need more than one DVR!

Guillaume said...

I need to watch more Halloween horror.

highbury said...

Yes, Guillame, you do!! :)

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