The Neighborhood Sign Goes Up!

An annual neighborhood tradition continued yesterday morning.

Going on my seventh year as official "Neighborhood Keeper of the Sign," I installed the somewhat-official trick-or-treat announcement sign.

Our neighborhood has a wonderful Halloween tradition in that we ALWAYS celebrate trick-or-treat on October 31st. Rain or shine. Even when the rest of the city has their various scheduled times on the Saturday or Sunday before Halloween. I still don't understand why they have to complicate things?

Back in 2011, I stepped up to create the above sign when the previous keeper's sign became old, faded and then vandalized. In 2010, a small temporary sign was created but I wanted to make one that screamed out the trick-or-treat announcement. So with some great vintage clip art, Halloween fonts, a projector and some paint, Mrs. Highbury and I created one worthy of the High Holiday.

Seven years on, it's looking a bit rough and might need some touch-up paint, but it is once-again placed at the top of the neighborhood, announcing the grand celebration for all.

And even after seven years, I look at the sign when I drive in and out of the neighborhood, and every time I still get a big smile...

Halloween is coming.




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