Night of the Living Dead Turns 50!

50 years ago today, in a small theater in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, film history was made. A little-known, small, independent film premier took place that would change the horror genre forever.

Happy 50th birthday to George A. Romero's zombie masterpiece, Night of the Living Dead. A tale of the undead returning to life to devour the flesh of the living. A film that would come to define the modern zombie genre, spawning a multitude of sequels and copycats, all while delivering a subtle, yet biting social commentary. Especially for its time in 1968.

And don't forget to mark your calendars for October 24 and 25, when an all-new 4K restoration of the film hits theaters across the globe! It's a two-night event that should not be missed! To see a fully restored version of this mandatory classic on the big screen would be a full-sized treat for the Halloween season.



Lady M said...

Saw this film at the age of 5 at the drive in with my parents, brothers and sisters. Needless to say, we all slept in my parents room that night, one after another appearing at their door "I'm scared". Classic family line is attributed to my Dad, upon the truck exploding and the ghouls feasting, he said "Hmmm, Bar B Que". We , my siblings and I, still laugh about that to this day.

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