"Halloween Howls" Cassette

An array of screams,  screeches, clanks and howls to greet trick-or-treaters
or put chills down a party-goer's spine.

Over 40 minutes of scary sounds!

It's time for another Freebie Friday segment, and we've got a great one today! Halloween Howls is a novelty Halloween cassette soundtrack that originally came out in 1988 on Gemstone Entertainment. Or was it Sterling Entertainment? The sleeve says one thing, and the cassette says another. Who knows. Maybe they are the same thing. Thus is the life of a novelty Halloween cassette...

Regardless, this cassette is actually better than most. A nice variety of high quality sound effects with some scattered, creepy vocals throughout create a really entertaining listen. It's nice to hear a collection of sound effects that weren't poorly recorded in someone's basement.

I have included both sides of the cassette, although it seems like it's the same collection of sounds on both sides, just in a different order. And hey, it adds up to almost 45 minutes of solid Halloween fun!

And unfortunately, if you listen closely, you can hear a slight static "clicking" in each track. That was something weird that was going on with my USB cassette player. Consider it added ambience, I guess?

Halloween Howls turned out to be a pleasant surprise from a blind purchase. I really like this collection of creepy sounds and I highly recommend it for some nostalgic Halloween fun.



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