Dr. John's Complete Guide To A Haunted House, Vol. 1

There's nothing better than a little Halloween nostalgia, and today we're heading back to those wild and wonderful 80s. So grab the popcorn, get comfy, and prepare yourself for a hilarious look back!

Dr. John's Complete Guide To A Haunted House, Vol. 1 was the first instructional haunted house how-to video to come out during the rise of "professional" haunted house attractions of the early 1980s. It was geared toward Jay Cees and other community groups and was a start-to-finish, comprehensive video guide on how to create and run a financially successful haunted house.

Filled with solid tips on creating a fully-functioning and profitable haunted house attraction, it was also accentuated with enough Halloween creepiness to keep it exciting and thoroughly entertaining. From Dr. John's eccentric character (and the way he "mouths" his cigar while presenting), to the spiciness of the scantily-clad ladies, and even to the somewhat uncomfortable creepiness (I'm looking at you, Cousin It, and the weird Roach Motel "commercial" at the end), the video definitely proves that the 80s were a far different time and place than today.

Unfortunately, Dr. John Anderson passed away just last week, but this slice of VHS gold remains a wonderfully historic look back into the early days of the haunted house industry. Well worth the hour of viewing time!!

(A big thanks to Larry Kirchner of The Darkness Haunted House for posting the video along with the informative intro!)

Rest In Peace, Dr. John...



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