Trick 'r Treat In Theaters Tomorrow!

Well, I have been sitting on this one since I first heard about it, but... Sam FINALLY gets to bring his show to the big screen. I THINK I'm excited about this? Since 2007 when it got a "straight-to-DVD" release, I have faithfully and gleefully watched Trick 'r Treat on Halloween eve (and a few other times throughout the Halloween season). But for the first time ever, due to it's ever-increasing popularity as a new cult classic, fans across the country get to watch it all on the big screen.

I quickly went back and forth, but decided that I simply HAVE to see it in the theater. It's too great not to! It's too important of a Halloween tradition to skip out on, so I will most definitely carve out a time (see what I did there?) to head to my local theater and take it all in.

Regal Cinemas starts their showings tomorrow, with other theater chains starting soon after, so let's make Sam a box office hit.

Even if it IS fifteen years late...

And on a Trick 'r Treat sidenote, Spirit Halloween is also doing a themed giveaway. Enter for a chance to win a pack of their Sam-themed tchotchkis here!



Caffeinated Joe said...

My wife and I got our tickets as soon as we heard about this. Cannot miss seeing it on the big screen!

Tjalgahorn said...

Just got to watch it yesterday! It was a real spectacle, it just oozes Halloween! I've never wanted to live in a fictional town so badly haha.

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